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image Virtual Prepaid Cards are prepaid Visa or MasterCard cards issued by banks in the United States and Canada. They are just like regular debit cards but do not have a reload option or the cardholder's personal data making them a truly anonymous payment method. Our Visa virtual cards can be used online with any name and any US or international billing address, while our Brown MasterCard virtual cards accept any name and any billing address in the US. All cards are virtual and this means that you only get your card information digitally online, but not physically when you buy the card (a plastic card) and therefore you cannot use it in traditional offline stores or ATMs. They may be conducted only for online payment transactions and for online registration or verification purposes.

Yes! We create it with your order name details.

Our cards work just like any other Visa or MasterCard prepaid bank card and can be used at any website or online merchant, at any web-based store and online store or service, in short, anywhere on the Internet where payment by prepaid credit is accepted. is Cards accepted (eg PayPal, AlertPay, Google Play, VPN (Proxy), Facebook ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Tiktok Ads, Domain Purchase, Hosting, Server (VPS), Snapchat, Antivirus, Hotel, Flight and Trip Packages, Easytop, Ding, GearBest, Wayfair, CCBill, iBill , eBay, eFax, Freepik, Databasemart, iTunes US, Mcafee, Moneybookers US, Google Checkout, Yahoo, Dreamtime, Segpay, Getresponse, ThemeForest, Envato,, etc.).

Yes. Google Play Console Account can be done.

Yes, Now Google Ads/ Youtube Video Boost Does Accept Lizocard Virtual Cards.

Yes, Facebook Does 100% Accept Lizocard Virtual Cards.

Lizocard issuance fee only $20